Sawmill Tour Events

*Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it's likely that all Sawmill Tour events will be cancelled for the 2020 season.
2020 Schedule of Sawmill Tour Events

Saturday, May 16 - Sawmill Masters 8:30 shotgun

Saturday, July 4 - Canadian Open 8:30 shotgun

Saturday, August 8 - Pro Shop Revenge 8:30 shotgun

Saturday, September 12 - 8:30 shotgun 

Saturday, October 24 & Sunday, October 25 - Customer Appreciation Days 10am shotgun

*Dates and times are subject to change. 

2019 Tournament Results

Pro Shop Revenge

2nd: Aram Ghewondian, Rens Brouwer, Dan Prinsen, Darren Prinsen - 66
7th: Ron Wiens, Don Conway, George Smith, Ross McBride - 71
12th: Tony Appelman, John Appelman, Al Santucci, Bill VanSchaik - 73
17th: Errol Johnson, Steve Kopas, Don Garriock, Sandy 74
25th: Darrel Froese, Patti Froese, Derek Twocock, Bonnie Kelly 80

Course Contests
Closest to the Pin #3 - Jeff Johnstone
Longest Drive #6 - John Appelman
Closest to the Post #13 - Craig Lipischak
Closest to the Pin #17 - George Smith

Canadian Open

Top Teams
1st: Criag Lipischak, Mark Lipischak,Mark Van Wely, Jeff Cartner - 60
4th: Alex Kovacs, Alvin Silverio, Dave Muill, MJ Gatenby - 63
8th: Wendy Janas, John Armstrong, Bob Blackwood, Rich Gibson - 64
12th: Rick Roy, Dan Basset, Ian Marley, Lons Kushner - 66
18th: Mark Mcgregor, Shane Dale, Brandon Dale, Dylan Klaus - 70

Course Contests
Closest to the Pin #3 - Ian Marley
Closest to the Pin #14 - Alvin Silverio
Longest Drive Men #10 - Trevor Johns
Long Drive Ladies #10 - Kim Kanwisher
Closest to the Post #7 - Sharon Fisher

Sawmill Masters

Top Teams
1st: Rick Kozarichuk, Jeff Johnstone, Ryan Burchell, Mike Johnstone - 59
3rd: Trevor Johns, Eliot Heywood, Joe Fournier, Braxton Andrews - 62
7th: Steve Stafford, Gord Arbeau, Mark O'Donnell, Jim Gallen - 63
10th: Doug Lupish, Ian Marley, Dan Basset, Roger Scammel - 66                                                 
16th: Al Santucci, Tony Appelman, John Appelman, Bill VanSchaik - 68

Course Contests
Closest to the Pin #3 - Ken Froese
Closest to the Pin #14 - Don Conway 
Longest Drive #10 - Rens Brouwer 
Closest to the Post #7 - Allan Gilbert 

Thanks to everyone for playing in these events!

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