Sawmill Tour Events

Customer Appreciation Days

Saturday, October 20 (sold out) or Sunday, October 21 (95% sold out)

10am shotgun (both days).  Make your own foursomes.

*includes buffet breakfast, golf, power cart, dinner and prize

$4000+ prize table - Everyone wins a prize (Reverse Draw)

Eligible players:
- Sawmill Members and Sawmill League Members
- **Player's Club and Senior's Club members 
**Must have played 10 rounds and turned in your membership card for the free round. 

Entry Deadline: Monday, October 8th (or when full).  Limited to 100 players each day.  First come, first serve.


2018 Tournament Results

Pro Shop Revenge

August 18th

Top Teams

2nd: Vic Siebert, Ethan Siebert, Mike Reynolds, Doug Allan 67
7th: Dave Nicol, Becky Pipes, Reg Owen, Jerry Laufman 71
12th: Jeff Cartner, Mark Lipischak, Craig Lipischak, Mark Van Wely 75
15th:Tony Appleman, John Appleman, Al santucci, Bill Van Schaik 75
18th: Rick Roy, Andrea Roy, Lons Kushner, Doug Lupish 79

Closest to Pin #3 Jim Robinson
Closest to Pin #17 Dan Basset
Long Drive #10 Jeff Johnstone
Closest to the Post #13 Carmela Novello

Canadian Open Results

June 30th

Top Teams

1st: Dino Maddalena, Dylan Patus, Shawn Sarkis, Randon Redekop - 61
3rd: Brian Matuch, Randy Hicks, Kerry McRoberts, Jack Allan - 63
7th: Henk Don, Rex Holden, Dan Nielson, Barry Managhan - 64
11th: Doug Bruinsma, Bill Horn, Bob Hemphill, Caulin Boone - 67
16th: Mark McGregor, Kyle McGregor, Shane Dale, Kevin Hart - 70

Course Contests

Closest to the Pin #3 Joe Rudd
Closest to the Pin #14 Grant Loney
Long Drive (Men's) #10 Dylan Patus
Long Drive (Ladies) #10 Trish Vidler
Closest to the Post #7 Jan Kulakowsky

Sawmill Masters Results

May 19th

Winning Teams

1st: Shayne Speakman, Bryan Bieksa, Grant Lnoey, Ross McBride 59
3rd: Elliot Heywood, Joe Fournier, Braxton Andrews, Kyle Gardener 64
7th: Bob Borthwick, Doug Bruinsma, Harry MacNaughton, Al Jovaisis 66
10th: Robert Green, Don Kaus, Simon Dubber, John Salavantis 67
16th: Daryl & Patti Froese, Ken Froese, Rick Gordon 72

Course Contests

Closest to the Pin #3 John Klompmaker
Cloesst to the Pin#14 Steve Djerfi
Long Drive #10 Ryan Boone
Clsoest to the Post #7 Shelley Bauer

Thanks to everyone for a great day!  

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