Sawmill Tour Events

2024 Sawmill Tour Events

Saturday, May 18th - Sawmill Masters

Saturday, June 29th - Canadian Open

Saturday, August 24th - Pro Shop Revenge

Saturday, October 19th & Sunday, October 20th - Customer Appreciation Days

*Tournament details will be announced 3-4 weeks in advance.  Dates and formats are subject to change. 


2023 Results

Pro Shop Revenge Results

Saturday, August 26th

Top Teams

2nd: Al Santucci, Jerry Laufman, Tony Appelman, John Appelman 66 ($40 each)
4th: Wayne Murphy, Pete Isaak, Tim Swinkels, Mallissa Swinkels 68 ($35 each)
9th: Fiona McGregor, Pylin Christopher, Stephen Pernu, Jen Pernu 75 ($30 each)
12th: Martin Barber, Debbie Barber, Patricia Chappell, Chris Chappell 77 ($25 each)
17th: Bonnie Kelly, Derek Twocock, Patti Froese, Daryl Froese 83 ($20 each)

Course Contests ($30 each)

Closest to the Pin
#3 Jerry Laufman
#17 Mallissa Swinkels

Long Drive
#10 Tim Swinkels

Closest to the Post
#13 Mallissa Swinkels 

Canadian Open Results

Saturday, July 8th 

Top Teams

2nd:  Tony Appelman, John Appelman, Al Santucci, Jerry Laufman 63 ($40 each)
5th:  Errol Johnson, Rob Holland, Steve Kopas, Sandy H 65 ($35 each)
9th:  Mike Oda, Rick Jenkins, Raymond Lappalainen, Adam Johnson 67  ($30 each)
14th:  Bill & Catriona Jarvie, Bruce & Patti Atkinson 71 ($25 each)
20th:  Joe & Wendy Janas, Rich Gibson & Lisa Morabito 73 ($20 each)

Course Contests ($30 each)

Closest to the Pin
#3 Errol Johnson
#17 Kyle Gardener

Long Drive
#10 Men - Brett DeBastiani 
#10 Ladies - Carolyn May 

Closest to the Post
#7 Bill Barons

Sawmill Open Results

Saturday, June 10th 

Top Teams

1st:  Chris Martin, James Perry, Trevor Johns, Colin Delaet 61 ($40 each)
4th:  Brian Stringer, Tristen Stringer, Morgan Bentley, Jeff Bentley 63 ($35 each)
8th:  Jeremy Hall, Steve Swygers, Chris Short Steven Turl  ($30 each)
13th:  Phil Mallory, Chuck Knight, Peter VanBeurden, Jan Kulakowsky 68 ($25 each)
18th:  Tom McIntosh, Jeff Weir, Ross Miller, John Bowman 71 ($20 each)

Course Contests

Closest to the Pin

#3 Al Santucci ($25)
#8 Brian Stringer ($25)
#14 Steve Barkovich ($25)
#17 James Perry ($25)

Long Drive
#1 Chris Short ($25)
#16 Bob Bauer ($325)

Closest to the Post

#7 Chuck Knight ($25)
#13 Catriona Jarvie ($25)


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