Golf in Schools

 Get ready to tee off with Sawmill’s Golf in Schools Program, bringing the swing of golf right into Canadian classrooms and beyond. This initiative is all about turning kids into golf pros by integrating the game into their school experience. Our goal? To boost students' physical literacy, cultivate a love for golf, and make it all happen in a way that's both educational and downright fun!

Golf In Schools isn't your run-of-the-mill program—it's crafted by educators for educators. We've ditched the old-school approach and embraced a dynamic, modern vibe that meets kids where they are. Think movement concepts and skill themes kicking off right in the gym, with lessons tailored to the growth and development of our future golf enthusiasts. 

And the equipment? Top-notch, child-safe gear that makes learning the ropes a breeze.

But we don’t stop in the classroom.....we bring the kids to Sawmill!  Picture this: students learning, swinging, and soaking up the golf vibes in a real course setting. And here's the best part—Sawmill is picking up the tab for all instructor fees and bussing costs!  We're turning the course into our classroom, where students can feel the grass beneath their feet, breathe in the fresh air, and let the golf spirit take over.  Sawmill is rolling out the green carpet for students, creating memories that'll last well beyond the final putt.

With Golf In Schools, we're turning every school into a golfing hotspot, one swing at a time. Let's play!

Sawmill is proud to sponsor the following schools:
St. Ann's Catholic - Fenwick
St Edward Catholic - Jordan
St. Martin - Smithville
Wellington Heights - Fenwick

We have committed to teaching kids in grades 2 to 5 in these schools for 3 years.  We teach indoors in the school gymnasium over the winter and then bring all kids to the course in spring.  

The 2023 Volunteer Manual is HERE

For more information or to inquire about having your school sponsored, please contact Jeremy by email.  


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