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The Sawmill Junior Experience

Sawmill is proud to be part of a community which actively supports the participation of our families in sports.  We feel that the game of golf helps children learn important life skills and promotes positive character development.  The Sawmill Experience junior programs are an ideal way for kids to learn fundamental golf skills, develop proper swing techniques, and build a solid foundation for their future golfing endeavours.  Our goal is to make sure every kid we teach comes to love and enjoy the game… and to hopefully make golf a lifetime sport!

All students receive the following benefits:

The Sawmill Junior Experience Programs...


TRY Golf  

The “TRY Golf” program introduces beginners to the game at a basic level.  If your child has never golfed before or has minimal experience (like the driving range, mini putt, etc) then this is the place for them!!  Kids will participate in FUN team-based games that build skills and confidence!  These games will develop fundamentals in putting, chipping, pitching and full swings.  We’ll teach the basics of a proper setup (grip, stance, posture) and then work on balance and movement.  We’ll also provide an overview of the game of golf, simple rules, and common etiquette.  We aim to improve kids’ fitness and coordination while having fun and staying safe.  The U9 and U13 age groups will play the par 3 holes on our short course.

For a child to advance to the “LEARN Golf” level, they must demonstrate a good understanding of the setup (like grip, stance, posture) and show enough competence in putting, chipping and full swings to enable them to play on the course. 

Classes available in U7, U9 & U13 and Girls Club U7, U9 & U13

Click here for TRY Golf U7 program specifics, schedule, and online registration.

Click here for TRY Golf U9/U13 program specifics, schedule, and online registration.


LEARN Golf  

The "LEARN GOLF” program is for intermediate players that want to build on their basic skills to develop correct swing technique and more consistent ball striking.  If your child has taken lessons or shows proficiency so that they can complete 3 to 5 holes (from junior tees on the BIG course), then this is the place for them!!  Players will perfect their setup fundamentals and develop proper swing positions.  They'll learn to use all the clubs in their bag by practicing different shots in friendly competitions.  Kids will begin to understand golf rules and etiquette.  We’ll still have FUN while improving your golf skills in a safe environment.

For a child to advance to the “PLAY Golf” level, they must demonstrate the ability to competently play 9 holes while following basic rules and etiquette. 

Classes available in U10 & U15 and Girls Club U10 & U15

Click here for LEARN Golf program specifics, schedule, and online registration.


PLAY Golf 

Our “PLAY Golf” program is designed to improve on already acquired golf skills and get kids playing in a weekly league.  If your junior can competently play 9 holes from forward tees and shoot approximately 50 or less, by the rules, then this is the place for them!  Students should now have a good understanding of the correct setup fundamentals and golf swing positions.  We also expect they have the desire and motivation to take their game to the next level through practice and regular attendance.  Players will have a weekly lesson and compete in an organized 9 hole Junior League that will enhance their skills, while learning about rules, etiquette, course management and sportsmanship.  While safety and fun are always a focus, kids should also begin to enjoy the competitive aspect of the game. 

Classes available for all ages, including a new Girls Club session

For a junior to advance to the “COMPETE” level, they must be selected through an application based on age, skill level, potential and past exeperience. 

Click here for PLAY Golf program specifics, schedule, and online registration.



COMPETE is the highest level of the Sawmill Junior Experience. In 2024, the COMPETE program will consist of two Performance Teams and one Development Team, designed to advance juniors through the competitive golf pathway.  These three teams will be chosen from applicants based on the age and skill level of the juniors.  Each team will have separate weekly instruction/practice sessions with PGA of Canada professionals, Brody Whetham and Kevin Niznik.  All juniors will play together in the Monday Ryder Cup matches and Sunday Junior league to promote friendly competition and drive each other to success.  This is an advanced program for learning and skill development that is intended only for those juniors driven to be the best players they can be. 

Click here for COMPETE program specifics, schedule, and application.

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