Junior Clubs

Sawmill has the best prices on US Kids Golf clubs and we offer a trade-in program.

Please see below for pricing:

US Kids Golf Club Pricing 2023

US Kids Golf Individual Clubs Pricing  

*Fitting can be done easily at home by measuring your child's height (in inches).
*We are taking orders for clubs throughout the winter.  Delivery normally takes 5-7 business days from Vancouver. 
*Payment can be made online and we offer pick-up at the Pro Shop. 
*Please contact Jeremy for all club inquiries.

US Kids Golf Used Clubs and Trade-in Pricing 2023 

Here are the current (as of August 13th) USED sets that we have available:

Ultralight 39" RH 3pc pink bag $100
Ultralight 42" 4pc RH pink bag $120
Ultralight 45" 4pc RH grey/pink bag $125
Ultralight 45" 4pc LH grey/pink bag $125
Ultralight 48" RH 5pc pink bag $160
Ultralight 54" 5pc LH grey/purple bag $170
Ultralight 57" 5pc RH grey/green bag $170
Ultralight 63" 5pc LH black/yellow bag $180

*If you would like to request a set of used clubs, please email Jeremy.  We will contact you by email when they become available.
*We are accepting trade-ins towards the purchase of used or new clubs.  

Visit www.uskidsgolf.com or www.uskidsgolf.ca for more information.

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