Junior League

*The league begins on Sunday, May 31st.

Sawmill’s Junior League is designed for avid junior golfers that are able to competently play 9 holes (or more) and are looking for some friendly competition.  The league offers weekly golf in an organized team format to help juniors improve their game and prepare them for competing in local junior events.  The team format will promote a low-pressure game where all players will contribute to the team’s success regardless of skill level.


COST: (HST included in all fees)

Weekly Fees:  Sawmill Members, PLAY GOLF, or Performance Team players: $6 for prizes and lunch

If you have any questions about the Junior League, please email Jeremy.

2020 Sawmill Junior League Weekly Results

May 31st

Tied 1st Place (Fun Week No Prizes)

Nathan Freure 33                 Graeme MacDonald 33

Andrew Burciul 33                Brennan Turner 33

Cody Hawkins 33                  Liam Kirk 33

Closest to Pin in 2 - Ben Shaver

Longest Putt - Nathan Freure


June 7th

1st Place (Won Horserace Chip Off)      2nd Place

Alexis Alderson 34                                  Liam Kirk 34

Alivia Nickason 34 $5                             Anthony Fidanza 34 $5

Katryna Zydownyk 34 $5                        Lucas Boettger 34 $5

                                                                Sullivan Forbes 34 $5

Closest to Pin in 2 – Marcus Mrmak $5

Longest Putt – Alivia Nickason $5


June 14th

1st Place

Alexis Alderson 33

Kate Jeffries 33

Katryna Zydownyk 33 $5

Aliva Nickason 33 $5

Longest Putt – Matt Grey $5

Closest to Pin in 2 - Vince Belardi $5


June 21st

1st Place (+2 Handicap)

Alex Nurmi 33

Casey Kenney 33

Alivia Nickason 33 $5

Katryna Zydownyk 33 $5

Longest Putt – Sullivan Forbes $5


June 28th

1st Place (Won Chip Off)                                  2nd Place

Alexis Alderson 36                                           Ben Kelly 36

Alivia Nickason 36 $10                                    Sullivan Forbes 36

Katryna Zydownyk 36 $10                              Anthony Fidanza 36

                                                                        Girodano Trombetta 36

Longest Putt – Andrew Burciul $10


July 5th

1st Place

Cole Thompson 33 $10

Andrew Burciul 33 $10

Jack Vitiello 33 $10

Longest Putt – Trent Clarke $10


July 12th

1st Place (+1 Handicap) 

Won Epic Chip Off                        2nd Place (+2 Handicap)

Matt Grey 33 $10                          Cole Thompson 33

Leighton Wurm 33 $10                 Andrew Burciul 33

Blake Furtney 33 $10                   Jack Vitiello 33

Cody Hawkins 33 $10                   Carson Dickinson 33

Longest Putt – Blake Furtney $10


2019 Season End Awards

Calmest Player Award: Jackson Jones - Always cool under pressure!
Best Attendance Award: Cody Hawkins - Only missed 2 events!
Long Ball Little Guy Award: Will Burleigh -  318 Yard Bombs, also throws a dodge ball harder than Kevin!!
Pace Car Award: Brennan Turner - Never had to worry about Pace of Play for Brennan's group!
Rules King Award: Casey Kenney -  Keeping the boys in check!
Best Helper/ Least Whiny Award: Colin Grosvenor -  Thanks for letting me pair you with anyone!!
Most Clutch Award: Carter Grosvenor - Season Highlight Hole in One on #8!! Won his share of events too!
Most Improved Award: Leighton Wurm - Played his first US Kids Tournament, also fixed his golf posture!!
Most Clingy Award: Liam Kirk - Always had to play with Nathan, also most sugar consumed!!

Boys Player of the Year: Nathan Freure
Girls Player of the Year: Jadyn Gracie

Great Playing Everyone!!!

Some of our 2019 players!

Some of our 2018 players!

Some of our 2017 players!

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