Golf Hockey Summer Camp

Sawmill takes great pride in contributing to a vibrant community that champions family involvement in sports. Our Sawmill Junior Experience programs offer an exceptional opportunity for kids to acquire fundamental golf skills, refine their swing techniques, and establish a strong foundation for their athletic journey.

In an exciting collaboration, The Sawmill Junior Experience has joined forces with Niagara's renowned hockey trainer, Matt Gillard of Gillard Elite Hockey. This unique partnership brings together the best of both worlds – a week that seamlessly combines the thrill of hockey and the finesse of golf.

Discover the perfect fusion of sportsmanship and skill development as young participants embark on a dynamic journey. The Sawmill Junior Experience, in tandem with Gillard Elite Hockey, aims to provide an unparalleled experience where kids not only learn and grow but also forge lasting memories at the intersection of hockey and golf. It doesn't get any better than this!


*8:45am to 9am drop off at Sawmill
*9am-11:30am Golf lessons with Brody Whetham, PGA of Canada Professional & Sawmill staff
*11:30am-12pm Lunch break
*12pm-12:20pm Bus ride to St. Catharines Hannah-Seymour
*12:20-1pm get dressed
*1pm-3pm On ice with TBD
*3-3:15pm hockey gear off
*3:15-3:45pm Off ice conditioning with TBD
*3:45-4pm Pick up in lobby at St. Catharines Hannah-Seymour 


  • 20 skaters and 2 goalies each week.
  • Kids will receive 2.5 hours of golf lessons Monday-Friday.  Coach Brody and two assistants will teach fundamentals like grip, stance, posture and movement.  Kids will learn and practice short game skills (putting & chipping) and spend time on the range developing or improving correct swing technique and consistent ball striking.  Kids will learn golf rules and etiquette.  We’ll have FUN while improving golf skills.  Kids will play the Par 3 course (7 holes) on Friday.
  • Update: Matt has earned a spot with the Niagara Regional Police (big congrats, Matt!). His schedule details are a mystery until spring. No worries, though – if Matt can't make it to our camp(s), we've got another fantastic and experienced Pro Coach ready to step in. Rest assured, we'll shoot you an email with all the details as soon as we know. Our commitment to high standards remains unwavering.
    Matt Gillard has designed a 2 hour on ice and 30 minute off ice program that will give your kids an edge.  During the week Matt and his team will cover power skating, edge work, stick handling, and shooting.  Matt will use his professional coaching skills to bring your kids game to the next level.  

2024 COST (unchanged from 2023!!)

  • SKATERS $575
  • GOALIES $400 (no on ice coaching - but we guarantee you LOTS of shots!!


  • To register, click HERE 
  • You are registered when: your registration form is received AND we've received payment (etransfer only).
  • You are confirmed when you see your child's name listed below (EXAMPLE: Skaters Confirmed: Billy S
  • Please feel free to text me at 289.213.2555 if you have any issues.  
  • Most important: thank you for allowing your child to spend the week with us in the summer.  It means A LOT!!
  • Registrations are NON-refundable.



*Please Note: We totally understand the desire to keep siblings together! However, if you opt for this, the older sibling will need to join the younger sibling's age group. Here's why:
We focus on making sure the kids have fun, and we know that keeping them with their friends and peers is what makes that fun possible.
Our camp experience is at its best when the kids on the ice share similar skill sets. It ensures a more enjoyable and enriching time for everyone involved.

Week #1 - Mon July 15th to Fri July 19th 
St Catharines Seymour-Hannah
BIRTH YEAR - 2014 (Rep, Select and MD are eligible:)
Skaters Confirmed (20) Pierson S, Jack B, Annabelle D, Zoey W, Colton G, Cameron P, Jackson J, Hunter D, Henry F, Logan M, Ben H, Jack L, Everett Mc, Luca P, Spencer H, Levy B, Grayson K, Griffin C - 2 SPOTS LEFT
Goalies Confirmed (2): Braeden P, Declan K - SOLD OUT!

Week #2 - Mon July 29th to Fri August 2nd
St Catharines Seymour-Hannah
BIRTH YEAR - 2011 & 2012
Skaters Confirmed (20): Kellen P, Isaac S, Paxton K, Oliver M, Colin D, Nolan P, Ryan K, Aiden D, Nixon W, Weston S, Leo P, Luke S, Carter B, Nicholas L, Preston P, Keenan E, Brayden W, Callum R , Ethan V, Thomas A - SOLD OUT!!
Goalies Confirmed (2): Ryker M, Nolan K - SOLD OUT!!

Week #3 - Mon Aug 12th to Fri Aug 16th
St Catharines Seymour-Hannah
BIRTH YEAR - 2012 & 2013!! 
Skaters Confirmed  (20): Connor C, Hayden Z, Cam Mc, Jake G, Easton W, Ben F, Bo B, Charlie S, James F, Mason K, Nixon N, James M, Anthony B, Zachary B, Charlie R, Everett P, Evan F, Mason W, Liam G, Zak L - SOLD OUT!!
Goalies Confirmed (2): Nico F - 1 SPOT LEFT

Week #4 - Mon Aug 26th to Fri Aug 30th
St Catharines Seymour-Hannah
Skaters Confirmed (20): Reilly P, Colby W, Colin K, Kaiden D, Matteo B, London B, Kian K, Brayden B, Hudson T, Luca M, Alex B, Henry W, Jack P, Hunter S, Jameson K, Alex M, Carter T, Mark H, Jackson J, Colton E  - SOLD OUT!!
Goalies Confirmed (2): Rory, S, Cohen F - SOLD OUT!!



Q.  What does my child wear for the week?

Q.  What about snacks and lunch?

Q.   What about golf clubs for my child?

Q.   How can we be sure our children will be safe?

For more information, please contact Carrie at or 289.213.2555 (call or text).


A few photos from our past camps!




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