#SheSwingsSeries at Sawmill

In 2019, Carrie, champion of Sawmill's "grow the game" initiatives, noticed a trend among her friends—they were often left out of the golfing scene.  This realization led to informal focus groups (with wine involved) where it became clear that the ladies desired a chance to explore golf in a relaxed, supportive setting. Thus, the Niagara Women's Try Golf Series, sponsored by Golf Ontario, was born.

The inaugural event, hosted at Sawmill, welcomed a small, all-female group for a stress-free 9-hole round sans scorekeeping, with clubs available for borrowing and notably, post-game wine to dissect the memorable shots. The success led to six sold-out events in Niagara that year.

Fast forward to 2024, and the Women's Try Golf Series has grown into a province-wide phenomenon, with over 100 events, including Indoor Winter Sessions and Regional Fall Golf Days.

Responding to demand, Sawmill is introducing the #SheSwingsSeries. This program aims to teach women the basics so that they can  confidently play on the course.  The #SheSwingsSeries promises a fun journey into the world of golf for our newest enthusiasts.


The Details
*Two hours (1 - 3pm)
*1.5 hours of coaching from PGA of Canada professional Kevin Niznik and assistant Mason Hildebrandt.  Learn the basics of driving, chipping and putting!!
*30 minute informal debriefing session - a glass of wine on Sawmill's sundrenched patio!!
*$30 per session 

The #SheSwingsSeries Dates
*Saturday, May 4th 1pm - Anna S, Mary-Lou H, Leigh-Anne T, Deb W, Tara V, Lacey O, Carissa W, Linda L, Lisa A, Greg G, Ann M (SOLD OUT!)
*Saturday, May 18th 1pm -Deb W, Lacey O, Sandra M, Meredith R, Julie R, Kerrie C, Elizabeth B, Sonya R, Amy B, Karen C, Barb F, Rachel B, Chelsea W (SOLD OUT!)
*Saturday, June 1st 1pm - Mary-Lou H, Deb W, Tara V, Lacey O, Lucy W, Karen G, Linda L, Lise A, Manon B, Oprah C, Jenny P, Janet C, Shannon H (SOLD OUT!)
*Saturday, June 15th 1pm - Amanda M, Tammy S, Andrea K, Stephanie F, Tara V, Lucy W, Anette W, Erin L, Lea K, Oprah C, Tuch G, Katy D  (SOLD OUT!)
*Saturday, July 13th 1pm - Lucy W, Chelena W, Ashleigh M, Kate H, Andi C, Kelly S, Stasia D, (5 spots available)
*Saturday, July 27th 1pm - Tara V, Deb W, Stasia D, Kelly S   (8 spots available)
*Saturday, August 10th 1pm - Tara V, Deb W,  (10 spots available)

To register click here! 

- Registrations will be received on a first come, first serve basis.  
- You will receive an automated confirmation email upon successfully registering.
- Your first name and last initial (eg. Laurel S) will be posted next to the session that you signed up for.  
- If you have any questions, please email Carrie.
- Registrations are non-refundable

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