Ladies' Night

Weekly Results - June 21st

Number of Players: 125

Top Gross Score
Anne Moss 43

Top 5 Net Scores

1st ($40): Jen Pernu 28
2nd ($30): Dianne Parnall 30
3rd ($25): Jen Macri 30
4th ($20): Sharon Stafford 30
5th ($15): Joanne Kyne 31

Most Honest ($15)

Cathy Taylor 

Game of the Week ($15): Lucky Number (7)

Barb Atkin (5), Morgan Bentley (5), Monique Charlebois (5), Marilyn Lambert (5), Cheryl Ramburn (5) 

Course Contests ($25)

Closest to the Pin #3: BeckyLlane 
Closest to the Post #7: Wendy Fisher  
Closest to the Post #13:Angie Woodcock 
Closest to the Pin #17: Pat Rotz

Draw Prizes

$50 Pro Shop Gift Certificte: Marilyn Piett
$25 Pro Shop Gift Certificate (2): Sue Ruttan & Diane Scott
Ladies' Night Green Fee: Carolyn Merritt
$20 Grill 71 Credit (3): Ann Chartier, Wendy Cheslea, Diana Lori

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If you have any questions about the league, please email Jeremy.

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