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2023 Schedule of Events

Sat 8 - Masters Pop Up Dinner, 6-??
Sat 15 - Justice League Social, 7-10pm CANCELLED
Sat 29 - Member ONLY Get Acquainted Tournament, 9am shotgun. Meet new family. We make the groups. Registration is now closed!

Sun 7 - Qualifier for Sawmill Ladies Solheim Team at 11am
Mon 8 - Qualifier for Sawmill Men's Senior Ryder Cup Team at 10am
Sat 13 - Qualifier for Sawmill Men's Ryder Cup (various times)
Mon 29 - Member ONLY Masters Tourney, 8:30am shotgun. It's all about green!

Sat 10- Sawmill Tour Event #2 Sawmill Open (Members & Player's Club ONLY), 1pm shotgun
Mon 12 - Member-Guest, 8:30am shotgun. Bring a friend to show off your golf home.
Sun 25 - Host Niagara Junior Tour (1pm tee times)

Sun 2 - Host MJT Mini Tour event, 1pm tee-times
Sat 8 - Sawmill Tour Event #3 Canadian Open (Members & Player's Club ONLY), 1pm shotgun. Wear red & white
Sat 22 & Sat 23 - Host MJT Junior Tour (11am crossover both days)
Mon 24 - Member ONLY Par 3 Tourney, 8:30am shotgun
Fri 28 & Sat 29 - Club Championships for Peewee, Bantam & Junior, 11am tee-times

Sat 5 to Mon 7 - Club Championships for adults. Flights for everyone!!!
Mon 7 - Member Social, 4-8pm. Bring your spouse & kids!
Sun 13 - Host site for Ladies Solheim (16 people at 11am)
Mon 14 - Member ONLY X-Country Tourney, 8:30am shotgun
Sun 20 - practice round for Golf Ontario Tourney (afternoon blocked from 1-4pm)
Mon 21 & Tues 22 - Host for Golf Ontario U15 Championship. Volunteer & watch Ontario's best girls & boys tee it up. Tee times at 9am daily.
Sat 26 - Sawmill Tour Event #4 Pro Shop Revenge (Members & Player's Club ONLY) *events subject to change

*summer social events & fall schedule to be added at a later date
*registration info for all events will be emailed and posted on social channels. Events sell out quickly!


2023 Tournament Results

Sawmill Masters

Monday, May 28th

Top Teams

1st- Randy Hicks, Brian Matuch, Brad Minor, Kerry McRoberts 60
4th- Brian Weir Tony Appelman, Jeff Weir, Enzo Luarenti 64
8th- Glen Gohm, Rich Meeboer, Gregg Gregory, John Furnival 66
12th- Joerg Berger, Marianne Berger, John Spackman, Kathy Miccuci 72
18th- Martin Barber, Debbie Barber, Tom Brownhill, Sharon Brownhill 74 

Course Contests

Closest to the Pin #3: Enzo Laurenti
Closest to the Pin #14: Shelley Bauer 
Long Drive - Men #10: Phil Mallory
Long Drive - Ladies #1: Joanne kyne 
Closest to the Post #7: Bob Cranfield 
Closest to the Post #13: Tony Appelman


Get-Acquainted Tournament

Saturday, April 29th 

Top Teams
1st: Oscar Husslage, Patti Atkinson, Errol Johnson, Matthew Gray 65   $40
4th: Bruce Atkinson, Denise Irwin, Kerry McRoberts, Carter Thompson  66  $30
7th: Joerg Berger, Michelle Douma, Russ Fisher, Ryan Hines 67   $25 
13th: Rich Meeober, Mary McLaren, Jeff Mayberry, Grace Stewart 70   $20
15th: Don Pettitt, Andrea Zdriluk, Phil Mallory, Jaxon Pozzobon  70  $15

Course Contests
Closest to the Pin: #3 Rob Holland, #14 Cody Douma  $30 
Closest to the Post: #7 Rob Holland  $30
Long Drive: #10 Kerry McRoberts  $30

Thanks for playing!


2022 Tournament Results

Superintendent's Revenge

Saturday, October 15th 

Top Teams
1st: Tony Appelman, Jeff Weir, Enzo Laurenti, Ross Miller 69   $40
3rd: Bob Cranfield, Rick Kozarichuk, Larry Street 71   $30
6th: John Furnival, Gregg Gregory, Rich meeboer, Glen Gohm 75   $25
9th: Dominic Disanto, Dan Johns, Vic Siebert, Mike Reynolds 77   $20
12th: Chuck Knight, Peter VanBeurden, Ken Bowman, Phil Mallory  80  $15

Member Par 3 Tournament

Monday, August 22nd

Top Teams 

1st Men: Phil Mallory, Chuck Knight, Peter VanBeurden  43
2nd Men: Enzo Laurenti, Tony Appelman, Jeff Weir, Ross Miller  45

1st Ladies: Karen Sabzali, Regine Treschak, Pennie Kozack, Suzie Sexton 54
2nd Ladies: Cheryl Mallen, Mary Lou Tanner, Connie Parker 55

1st Couples: Tillie Lopinski, George Lopinski, Sandy MacDavid, Dave Eldridge 54
2nd Couples: Bill Jarvie, Catriona Jarvie, Bruce Atkinson, Patti Atkinson 56

Closest to the pin: 

#2 - Dianne Parnall
#6 - TJ Marino
#13 - Gary Todd
#16 - Gary Todd

Pro Shop Revenge Results

Saturday, July 13th - 1pm shotgun
Four Person Scramble - Count 3 Drives
Top Teams
2nd: Trevor Johns, Jeff Cartner, Chris Burkey, Mark Lipischak 62 ($40 each)
7th: Brian Lee, John House, Brian McMaster 68  ($35 each)
12th: Claude Corriveau, Nicky Yardley, Bob & Shelley Bauer 69  ($30 each)
17th: Mike Erb, Chris Hawkins, Steve Stafford, Cass Stafford 72  ($25 each)
21st:  Jeff & Nikky Mayberry, Jim Gallen, Ron Pearson  ($20 each) 
Congrats to the 1st Place Team: Trent Clarke, Andy Burciul, Blake Furtney & Ben Julie  61
Course Contests
Closest to the Pin
#3 Blaine Nickjason ($30)
#17 John Bowman ($30)
Long Drive
#10 Jeff Cartner ($30)
Closest to the post
#13 Chuck Knight ($30)

Sawmill 2022 Club Championships

Click here for Final Results

Canadian Open Results
Saturday, June 4th 
Four Person Scramble
Top Teams
2nd:  Rex Holden, Don Nielson, Henk Don, Bill Van Leeuwen ($40 each)
5th:  Martin Foran, Pete Isaak, Rob Foran, Alex Wannan ($35 each)
9th:  Tim Swinkels, Mallissa Swinkels, Garrett Frost, Colleen Slappendel ($30 each)
14th:  Rob Hensen, Paul Rohner, Simon Dubber, Bruce Thibodeau ($25 each)
19th:  Leslie Sawatzky, Connie Parker, Andrea Zdriluk, Maureen Reiser  ($20 each) 
Congrats to 1st: Jordan Thin, Marc Lupish, Connor Freel 61
Course Contests
Closest to the Pin
#3 Ralph Slingerland ($30)
#17 Tim Swinkels ($30)
Long Drive
#10 (Men): Gary Wynia($30)
       (Ladies): Denise Irwin($30) 
Closest to the post
#7 Chuck Knight($30)


Monday, June 20th 

Top Teams:

1st: John Moss & Derek Divok 68
2nd: Glenn Zdriluk & Moe Macpherson 71
3rd: Ron Wiens & Dave Mullett
4th: Rusty Fisher & Bill Harvey
5th: Jesse O'Neill & Liam Sicoli
6th: Steve Parker & Will Fisher
7th: Marcus Lupish & Jason Pettigrew
Most Honest: Leslie Sawatzky & Kathy Hunermund 

Course Contests:

Closest to the pin:

  • ​#3 - John Spanton
  • #8 - Andrew Gazzelone 
  • #14 - Mark Peplowski 
  • #17 - Will Fisher
Sawmill Open Results
Saturday, June 4th 
Four Person Scramble
Top Teams
1st:  Lukas Kamps, Aram Ghewondian, Andrew Gammon, Rens Brouwer 62 ($40 each)
4th:  Tony Appelman, John Appelman, Jeff Weir, Cam Wielhouwer 65 ($35 each)
8th:  Enzo Laurenti, Paul Nadason, Jay Ruff, ROn McCrory 69 ($30 each)
13th:  Daryl & Patti Froese, Derek Twocock, Bonnie Kelly 72 ($25 each)
18th:  Chuck & Charlane Wood, Rian Hoogenberk, Kris Gordon 77 ($20 each)
Course Contests
Closest to the Pin
#3 John Dorman ($30)
#8 Vince Belardi ($30)
#14 Jeff Weir ($30)
#17 Enzo Laurenti ($30)
Long Drive
#1 Matt Gray ($30)
#16 Trent Clarke ($30)
Closest to the Post
#7 Martin Foran ($30)
#13 Tiffany Kang ($30)
Draw Prizes
Michael Kyne, Paul Robertson, Cathy Fox, Dan Nielson, Chris Lampman, John Rice, Phil Mitchell, Adam Scobie
*Prizes can be picked up in the pro shop.

Sawmill Masters

Monday, May 16th

Top Teams

1st- Jack Allan, Ross McBride, Mike Woodhouse, Ben Julie 56
2nd- Jan Kulakowsky, Phil Mallory, Chuck Knight, Peter VanBeurden 61
5th- Bob Cranfield, Rick Kozarichuk, Mike Arghittu, Fred Stuchberry 65
7th- Steve Parker, Jim Sawatzky, Glen Zdriluk, Russ Fisher 68
10th- Rob Holland, Val Siriani, Bill Barons, Dan Minello 69
16th- Bill Snee, Andrew Sweeney, Wynn Ellis, Irene Heger 72

Course Contests

Closest to the Pin #3: Rich Meeboer
Closest to the Pin #14: Suzie Sexton
Long Drive - Men #10: Mike Woodhouse
Long Drive - Ladies #1: Karen Sabzali
Closest to the Post #7: Rich Meeboer
Closest to the Post #13: Jesse O'Neill 

Get-Acquainted Tournament

Saturday, April 30th

Closest to the Pin: 
Men - #3 Joerg Berger, #14 Ben Julie
Ladies - #14 Connie Parker, #17 Mary McLaren

Closest to the Post:
#7 Ryan Kirkpatrick, #13 Don Matheson

Winning Teams:
6th: Daryl Bell, Denise Irwin, Dave Johnson, Cole Thompson 61
9th: Bob Cranfield, Randy Hicks, Debbie Barber, Ben Julie 62
13th: Joe Fisher, Bev Parker, Jim Sawatzky, Sean Billyard 64
18th: Don Matheson, David Downer, Chuck Knight, Mike Erb 66
21st: Gord Love, Jesse O'Neill, Jack Cunninham, Joshua Bertrand 69

1st place (bragging rights only): Bill Jarvie, Dave Ferguson, Toni Lemaich, Ron Wiens 57 

*Gift certificates for the winners will be placed on your profile in the computer system asap. 

Thank you for playing!


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