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Sawmill Masters

Monday, May 16th

Top Teams

1st- Jack Allan, Ross McBride, Mike Woodhouse, Ben Julie 56

2nd- Jan Kulakowsky, Phil Mallory, Chuck Knight, Peter VanBeurden 61

5th- Bob Cranfield, Rick Kozarichuk, Mike Arghittu, Fred Stuchberry 65

7th- Steve Parker, Jim Sawatzky, Glen Zdriluk, Russ Fisher 68

10th- Rob Holland, Val Siriani, Bill Barons, Dan Minello 69

16th- Bill Snee, Andrew Sweeney, Wynn Ellis, Irene Heger 72

Course Contests

Closest to the Pin #3: Rich Meeboer

Closest to the Pin #14: Suzie Sexton

Long Drive - Men #10: Mike Woodhouse

Long Drive - Ladies #1: Karen Sabzali

Closest to the Post #7: Rich Meeboer

Closest to the Post #13: Jesse O'Neill 

2022 Results

Ryder Cup Qualifier - Sunday, May 1st

Results coming soon.

Senior Ryder Cup Qualifier - Monday, May 2nd

Results coming soon. 

Solheim Cup Qualifier - Sunday, May 8th

1st:Suzie Sexton 94
2nd: Carolan Clague 97
3rd: Lisa Branston 98
T4th: Shelley Bauer & Jackie Barrett 99


2022 Results Below

Get-Acquainted Tournament - Saturday, April 30th

Closest to the Pin: 
Men - #3 Joerg Berger, #14 Ben Julie
Ladies - #14 Connie Parker, #17 Mary McLaren

Closest to the Post:
#7 Ryan Kirkpatrick, #13 Don Matheson

Winning Teams:
6th: Daryl Bell, Denise Irwin, Dave Johnson, Cole Thompson 61
9th: Bob Cranfield, Randy Hicks, Debbie Barber, Ben Julie 62
13th: Joe Fisher, Bev Parker, Jim Sawatzky, Sean Billyard 64
18th: Don Matheson, David Downer, Chuck Knight, Mike Erb 66
21st: Gord Love, Jesse O'Neill, Jack Cunninham, Joshua Bertrand 69

1st place (bragging rights only): Bill Jarvie, Dave Ferguson, Toni Lemaich, Ron Wiens 57 

*Gift certificates for the winners will be placed on your profile in the computer system asap. 

Thank you for playing!


2021 Results below:

Superintendent's Revenge

1st: Mike Woodhouse, Ross McBride, Jack Allan, Will Hooker - 65
2nd: Mike Arghittu, Bob Cranfield, Rick Kozarichuk, Ben Julie - 67
3rd: Brett Scobie, Adam Scobie, Chris Hawkins, Mike Erb - 67

1st: Sean Lingard, Denise Irwin, Gary Bruce, Karen Bruce - 70
2nd: Joerg Berger, Marianne Berger, John Spackman, Kathy Micucci - 74
3rd: Bruce Atkinson, Patti Atkinson, Bill Jarvie, Catriona Jarvie - 76

Most Honest
Keith Vowles, Sue Vowles, Cathie Commerton, Antonietta Nardulli

Course Contests
Closest to the Pin: #3 - Dan Basset
Closest to the Pin: #8 - Denise Irwin
Closest to the Pin: #14 - John Moss
Closest to the Pin: #17 - John Spackman


Member Par 3 Tournament

1st: Lynne Benson, Denise Carter, Shirley Chiki, Kathy Courage - 54

1st: John Furnival, Larry Street, Rich Meeboer, AJ Perera - 46
2nd: Phil Mallory, Chuck Knight, Peter VanBeurden, Walt Kulakowsky - 47

1st: Jim & Leslie Sawatzky, Steve & Connie Parker - 54
2nd: Don Matheson & Mary McLaren, Roger & Dorothy Williams - 55

Course Contests
Closes to the Pin: #2 - Martin Nurmi
Closes to the Pin: #6 -- Mike Arghittu 
Closes to the Pin: #13 -- Steve Kopas 
Closes to the Pin: #16 -- Rob Holland


2021 Club Championships Results

Click here for all scores


L-R Suzie Sexton (Senior Ladies), Donna Larsen (Ladies), Mike Woodhouse (Mens), Rick Kozaichuk (Senior Mens)
L-R Nathan Freure (Junior Boys), Casey Kenney (Junior Girls), Cole Thompson (Bantam Boys), Matthew Gray (Peewee Boys)

Men's Championship
1st: Mike Woodhouse 219
T2nd: Jack Allan & Bryan Bieksa 229

Men's A Flight
1st: Corey Boudreau 232
2nd: Steve Parker 240
T3rd: Grant Loney & Ben Minor 243

Men's B Flight
1st: Roger Scammel 248
2nd: Steve Stafford 259
3rd: Randy Hicks 260

Men's C Flight
1st Mike Erb 262
2nd Malcolm Lepp 266
3rd Nick LaBrash 268

Men's D Flight
T1st: Blaine Nickason
T1st: Robin Roberts

1st: Rick Kozarichuk 238
2nd: Lawrence Hutchinson 245
3rd: Ron Wiens 251

Super Senior
1st: Bill Paul 166
2nd: Mike Lessard 172
T3rd: Jan Kulakowsky & Don Conway 174

Super Super Senior
1st: Jim Luffman 170 
2nd: Brian Barrett 181
3rd: Hank Saito 184

Ladies' Championship
1st: Donna Larsen 174
2nd: Shelley Bauer 179

Ladies' A Flight
1st: Lisa Morabito 205
2nd: Karen Vine 206

Ladies' B Flight
1st: Tristan Stringer 213
2nd: Arlene Furnival 225

Ladies' Senior
1st: Suzie Sexton 177
2nd: Anne Moss 178 

Ladies' Super Senior
1st: Heather Buchanan 186
2nd: Rita Lee 189

1st: Sullivan Forbes 209

1st: Matt Gray 153
2nd: Ben Julie 166

1st: Cole Thompson 167
2nd: Andrew Burciul 174

1st: Nathan Freure 156
2nd: Will Burleigh 162
3rd: Ben Kelly 164

1st: Casey Kenney
2nd: Sierra Kowalyshyn



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