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Thank you to our Superintendent Don Blatchley for 43 years of expertise, passion and loyalty!!!!  Here is an article written by his daughter Taylor Blatchley.  Dinner out to Vineland's Just Cooking is on's the least we can do for putting up with the Julie Family for 43 years!


2023 Schedule of Events

Sat 8 - Masters Pop Up Dinner, 6-??
Sat 29 - Member ONLY Get Acquainted Tournament, 9am shotgun. Meet new family. We make the groups. 

Sun 7 - Qualifier for Sawmill Ladies Solheim Team at 11am
Mon 8 - Qualifier for Sawmill Men's Senior Ryder Cup Team at 10am
Sat 13 - Qualifier for Sawmill Men's Ryder Cup (various times)
Mon 29 - Member ONLY Masters Tourney, 8:30am shotgun. It's all about green!

Sat 10- Sawmill Tour Event #2 Sawmill Open (Members, Player's Club and League players ONLY), 1pm shotgun
Mon 12 - Member-Guest, 8:30am shotgun. Bring a friend to show off your golf home.
Sun 25 - Host Niagara Junior Tour (1pm tee times)

Sun 2 - Host MJT Mini Tour event, 1pm tee-times
Sat 8 - Sawmill Tour Event #3 Canadian Open (Members, Player's Club and League players ONLY), 1pm shotgun. Wear red & white
Sat 22 & Sat 23 - Host MJT Junior Tour (11am crossover both days)
Mon 24 - Member ONLY Par 3 Tourney, 8:30am shotgun
Fri 28 & Sat 29 - Club Championships for Peewee, Bantam & Junior, 11am tee-times. 

Sat 5 to Mon 7 - Club Championships for adults. Flights for everyone!!!  
Mon 7 - Member Social, 4-8pm. Bring your spouse & kids!
Sun 13 - Host site for Ladies Solheim (16 people at 11am)
Mon 14 - Member ONLY Cross Country Tourney, 8:30am shotgun - Cancelled
Sun 20 - Practice round for Golf Ontario U15 Championship (afternoon blocked from 1-close)
Mon 21 & Tues 22 - Host for Golf Ontario U15 Championship. Volunteer & watch Ontario's best girls and boys tee it up. Tee times at 9am daily.
Sat 26 - Sawmill Tour Event #4 Pro Shop Revenge (Members, Player's Club and League players ONLY) 

*Registration info for all events will be emailed and posted on social channels.


2023 Tournament Results

Pro Shop Revenge Results

Saturday, August 26th

Top Teams

2nd: Al Santucci, Jerry Laufman, Tony Appelman, John Appelman 66 ($40 each)
4th: Wayne Murphy, Pete Isaak, Tim Swinkels, Mallissa Swinkels 68 ($35 each)
9th: Fiona McGregor, Pylin Christopher, Stephen Pernu, Jen Pernu 75 ($30 each)
12th: Martin Barber, Debbie Barber, Patricia Chappell, Chris Chappell 77 ($25 each)
17th: Bonnie Kelly, Derek Twocock, Patti Froese, Daryl Froese 83 ($20 each)

Course Contests ($30 each)

Closest to the Pin
#3 Jerry Laufman
#17 Mallissa Swinkels

Long Drive
#10 Tim Swinkels

Closest to the Post
#13 Mallissa Swinkels 

Club Championships

Click here for full results

Member Par 3 Results

Monday, July 24th

Top Teams 


T1st: Brian Matuch. Brad Minor, Kerry McRoberts, Randy Hicks 45
T1st: Tony Appelman, Enzo Laurenti, Jeff Weir, Brian Weir 45


1st:  Regine Treschak, Pennie Kozack, Karen Sabzali, Karen Vine 56
2nd:  Sue White, Roberta Blackie, Janet Goodfellow 58


1st: Bill Jarvie, Catriona Jarvie, Patti Atkinson, Bruce Atkinson 49
2nd:  Joe Janas, Wendy Janas, Rich Gibson, Lisa Morabito 52

Closest to the Pin:

​#2 - Brian Lee
#5 - Josh Stone 
#13 - Peter VanBeurden 
#16 - Gregg Gregory 

Canadian Open Results

Saturday, July 8th 

Top Teams

2nd:  Tony Appelman, John Appelman, Al Santucci, Jerry Laufman 63 ($40 each)
5th:  Errol Johnson, Rob Holland, Steve Kopas, Sandy H 65 ($35 each)
9th:  Mike Oda, Rick Jenkins, Raymond Lappalainen, Adam Johnson 67  ($30 each)
14th:  Bill & Catriona Jarvie, Bruce & Patti Atkinson 71 ($25 each)
20th:  Joe & Wendy Janas, Rich Gibson & Lisa Morabito 73 ($20 each)

Course Contests ($30 each)

Closest to the Pin
#3 Errol Johnson
#17 Kyle Gardener

Long Drive

#10 Men - Brett DeBastiani 
#10 Ladies - Carolyn May 

Closest to the Post
#7 Bill Barons


Monday, June 12th 

Top Teams:

1st: James Perry & Bryan Overland 72  
2nd: Martin Barber & Serge Macedonia 72
3rd: Mark Sexton & Ian Emberley 72
4th: Rob Thoms & Evan Hardy 72
5th: Joe Janas & Al Tone 73
6th: Carolan Clague & Jackie Barrett 73
7th: Brian Matuch & Mike Butters 73
8th: Roberta Blackie & Barb Brubacher 74
9th: Debbie Barber & Ross Barber 74
10th: Dan Johns & George Smith 74 

Course Contests:

Closest to the pin:

​#3 - Barb Brubacher
#8 - Barb Brubacher
#14 - Jim Jeffey
#17 - Kevin Weegar 

Sawmill Open Results

Saturday, June 10th   

Top Teams

1st:  Chris Martin, James Perry, Trevor Johns, Colin Delaet 61 ($40 each)
4th:  Brian Stringer, Tristen Stringer, Morgan Bentley, Jeff Bentley 63 ($35 each)
8th:  Jeremy Hall, Steve Swygers, Chris Short Steven Turl  ($30 each)
13th:  Phil Mallory, Chuck Knight, Peter VanBeurden, Jan Kulakowsky 68 ($25 each)
18th:  Tom McIntosh, Jeff Weir, Ross Miller, John Bowman 71 ($20 each)

Course Contests Closest to the Pin #3 Al Santucci ($25)
#8 Brian Stringer ($25)
#14 Steve Barkovich ($25)
#17 James Perry ($25)

Long Drive
#1 Chris Short ($25)
#16 Bob Bauer ($325)

Closest to the Post
#7 Chuck Knight ($25)
#13 Catriona Jarvie ($25)

Sawmill Masters

Monday, May 28th

Top Teams

T1st - Randy Hicks, Brian Matuch, Brad Minor, Kerry McRoberts 60  $40
T1st - Marc Lupish, Nick Lupish, TJ Marino, John Proctor 60  $40
4th - Brian Weir Tony Appelman, Jeff Weir, Enzo Luarenti 64  $30
8th - Glen Gohm, Rich Meeboer, Gregg Gregory, John Furnival 66  $25
12th - Joerg Berger, Marianne Berger, John Spackman, Kathy Miccuci 72  $20
18th - Martin Barber, Debbie Barber, Tom Brownhill, Sharon Brownhill 74   $15

Course Contests

Closest to the Pin #3: Enzo Laurenti  $25
Closest to the Pin #14: Shelley Bauer  $25
Long Drive - Men #10: Phil Mallory  $25
Long Drive - Ladies #1: Joanne Kyne   $25
Closest to the Post #7: Bob Cranfield $25
Closest to the Post #13: Tony Appelman  $25

Get-Acquainted Tournament

Saturday, April 29th 

Top Teams
1st: Oscar Husslage, Patti Atkinson, Errol Johnson, Matthew Gray 65   $40
4th: Bruce Atkinson, Denise Irwin, Kerry McRoberts, Carter Thompson  66  $30
7th: Joerg Berger, Michelle Douma, Russ Fisher, Ryan Hines 67   $25 
13th: Rich Meeober, Mary McLaren, Jeff Mayberry, Grace Stewart 70   $20
15th: Don Pettitt, Andrea Zdriluk, Phil Mallory, Jaxon Pozzobon  70  $15

Course Contests
Closest to the Pin: #3 Rob Holland, #14 Cody Douma  $30 
Closest to the Post: #7 Rob Holland  $30
Long Drive: #10 Kerry McRoberts  $30

Thanks for playing!

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