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Canadian Open
Saturday June 27th - 1pm Shotgun

Red-White-Black Scramble Format

Entry Fee:

Includes 18 holes of golf, BBQ & Beverage, Prizes!!!

Sign up in the Pro Shop by Saturday, June 22nd.
Maximum of 120 players - first come, first serve. 



Sawmill Masters

Monday, June 3rd

Top Teams

Mens 1st- Kevin Bryant, Larry Chartier, Mike Lessard, Chris McClary 58 $40
Mens 2nd- Chuck Knight, Jan Kulakowsky, Phil Mallory, Peter VanBeurden 62 $30
Mens 3rd- Rick Kozarichuk, Bob Cranfield, Mike Arghittu 63 $25
1st Couples - Martin and Debbie Barber, Patricia and Chris Chappell 69 $30
1st Ladies - Regine Treschak, Pennie Kozack, Carolan Clague, Anne Moss 79 $30

Course Contests ($25)

Closest to the Pin #3: Jan Kulakowsky
Closest to the Pin #14: Enzo Laurenti
Closest to the Post #7: Mike Arghittu
Closest to the Post #13: Nancy Hubbard
Long Drive Men #1: Chris Chappell
Long Drive Ladies #10: Carolyn May

Sawmill Masters

Monday, May 18th

Top Teams

1st - Sean Lingard, Denise Irwin, Gary Bruce, Mark Lozier 63  $40
3rd - Randy Donald, Shawn Trevelick, Dave Muill, John Rice 64  $35
7th - Jeremy Hall, Steven Zwygers, Rob Hensen, Paul Rohner 67  $30
10th - Jack Cunningham, Carol Cunningham, Jim Jolly, Paddy Chant 68  $25
16th - Greg Reiser, Murray Bering, Glen Zdriluk, Jim Sawatzky  $20

Course Contests ($30)

Closest to the Pin #3: Glenn Zdriluk
Closest to the Pin #14: Phil Mallory
Long Drive - Men #10: Austin Reese
Long Drive - Ladies #10: Denise Irwin
Closest to the Post #7: Jack Cunningham

Get-Acquainted Tournament

Saturday, April  27th

Top Teams

1st: Linda Wehrli, Landon Friesen, Brian Matuch, John DeVries 65 ($40 each)
4th: Jim Sawatzky, Vince Belardi, Cameron Bryce, David Downer 67 ($30 each)
7th: Connie Parker, Jack Vitiello, Steven Zywgers, Martin Barber 68 ($25 each)
11th: Pennie Kozack, Ryan Kirkpatrick, Sean Lingard, Oscar Husslage 70 ($20 each)
17th: Wendy Cheslea, Luca Napoli, Mark McGregor, Peter VanBuerden 82 ($15 each)

Course Contests ($30 each)

Closest to the Pin
#3 John DeVries
#17 Suzie Sexton

Closest to the Post
#7 Connie Parker
#13 Leslie Sawatzky

2023 Tournament Results

Superintendent's Revenge

Sunday, October 22nd

Top Teams

1st: Sean Lingard, Gary Bruce, Mark Lozier, Roger Scammel 67 ($40 each)
2nd: Enzo Laurenti, Jeff Weire, Tony Appelman, Ross Miller 69 ($30 each)
T3rd: Joe Oresar, Tim Van Driel, Grant Loney, Jack Allan 71 ($25 each)
T3rd: Brian Weir, Reg Owen, Jerry Luafman, Brian Parkes 71 ($25 each)

Honourable Mention to the Performance Team! Blake Furtney, John Kingdon, Cole Thompson, Andrew Burciul 66

Pro Shop Revenge Results

Saturday, August 26th

Top Teams

2nd: Al Santucci, Jerry Laufman, Tony Appelman, John Appelman 66 ($40 each)
4th: Wayne Murphy, Pete Isaak, Tim Swinkels, Mallissa Swinkels 68 ($35 each)
9th: Fiona McGregor, Pylin Christopher, Stephen Pernu, Jen Pernu 75 ($30 each)
12th: Martin Barber, Debbie Barber, Patricia Chappell, Chris Chappell 77 ($25 each)
17th: Bonnie Kelly, Derek Twocock, Patti Froese, Daryl Froese 83 ($20 each)

Course Contests ($30 each)

Closest to the Pin
#3 Jerry Laufman
#17 Mallissa Swinkels

Long Drive
#10 Tim Swinkels

Closest to the Post
#13 Mallissa Swinkels 

Club Championships

Click here for full results

Member Par 3 Results

Monday, July 24th

Top Teams 


T1st: Brian Matuch. Brad Minor, Kerry McRoberts, Randy Hicks 45
T1st: Tony Appelman, Enzo Laurenti, Jeff Weir, Brian Weir 45


1st:  Regine Treschak, Pennie Kozack, Karen Sabzali, Karen Vine 56
2nd:  Sue White, Roberta Blackie, Janet Goodfellow 58


1st: Bill Jarvie, Catriona Jarvie, Patti Atkinson, Bruce Atkinson 49
2nd:  Joe Janas, Wendy Janas, Rich Gibson, Lisa Morabito 52

Closest to the Pin:

​#2 - Brian Lee
#5 - Josh Stone 
#13 - Peter VanBeurden 
#16 - Gregg Gregory 

Canadian Open Results

Saturday, July 8th 

Top Teams

2nd:  Tony Appelman, John Appelman, Al Santucci, Jerry Laufman 63 ($40 each)
5th:  Errol Johnson, Rob Holland, Steve Kopas, Sandy H 65 ($35 each)
9th:  Mike Oda, Rick Jenkins, Raymond Lappalainen, Adam Johnson 67  ($30 each)
14th:  Bill & Catriona Jarvie, Bruce & Patti Atkinson 71 ($25 each)
20th:  Joe & Wendy Janas, Rich Gibson & Lisa Morabito 73 ($20 each)

Course Contests ($30 each)

Closest to the Pin
#3 Errol Johnson
#17 Kyle Gardener

Long Drive

#10 Men - Brett DeBastiani 
#10 Ladies - Carolyn May 

Closest to the Post
#7 Bill Barons


Monday, June 12th 

Top Teams:

1st: James Perry & Bryan Overland 72  
2nd: Martin Barber & Serge Macedonia 72
3rd: Mark Sexton & Ian Emberley 72
4th: Rob Thoms & Evan Hardy 72
5th: Joe Janas & Al Tone 73
6th: Carolan Clague & Jackie Barrett 73
7th: Brian Matuch & Mike Butters 73
8th: Roberta Blackie & Barb Brubacher 74
9th: Debbie Barber & Ross Barber 74
10th: Dan Johns & George Smith 74 

Course Contests:

Closest to the pin:

​#3 - Barb Brubacher
#8 - Barb Brubacher
#14 - Jim Jeffey
#17 - Kevin Weegar 

Sawmill Open Results

Saturday, June 10th   

Top Teams

1st:  Chris Martin, James Perry, Trevor Johns, Colin Delaet 61 ($40 each)
4th:  Brian Stringer, Tristen Stringer, Morgan Bentley, Jeff Bentley 63 ($35 each)
8th:  Jeremy Hall, Steve Swygers, Chris Short Steven Turl  ($30 each)
13th:  Phil Mallory, Chuck Knight, Peter VanBeurden, Jan Kulakowsky 68 ($25 each)
18th:  Tom McIntosh, Jeff Weir, Ross Miller, John Bowman 71 ($20 each)

Course Contests Closest to the Pin #3 Al Santucci ($25)
#8 Brian Stringer ($25)
#14 Steve Barkovich ($25)
#17 James Perry ($25)

Long Drive
#1 Chris Short ($25)
#16 Bob Bauer ($325)

Closest to the Post
#7 Chuck Knight ($25)
#13 Catriona Jarvie ($25)



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