Tournament Results

March 2019 Member Party

So You Think You Can Putt! 

Congratulations to John Kingdon for wining the putting competition!

Thank you to everyone for attending and supporting our 'Golf in Schools' program.  There will be many happy school kids coming to Sawmill to learn the great game of golf, thanks to your generosity!


2018 Results

Club Championships

Men's Championship
1st: Dylan Patus
2nd: Bryan Bieksa
3rd: Kyle Smith

Men's A Flight
1st: Ben Minor
2nd: Brad Minor
3rd: Bill Robinson

Men's B Flight
1st: Phil Mallory
2nd: Randy Hicks
3rd: Peter VanBeurden 

Men's C Flight
1st: Reg Owen 
T2nd: Rick Roy
T2nd: Marc Lupish

1st: Lawrance Hutchison
2nd: Kerry McRoberts
3rd: George Smith

Super Senior
1st: Adrian Buis
2nd; Errol Johnson
3rd: Don Conway / John Furnival

Super Super Senior
1st: Hank Saito
2nd: Ray Sampson

Junior Boys U19
1st: Alex McGee

Junior Boys U17
1st: Toby Jeffries
2nd: Alex Nurmi

Junior Boys U15
1st: Colin Grosvenor
2nd: Nathan Freure

Junior Boys U13
1st: John Kingdon
2nd: Carter Grosvenor

Junior Boys U11
1st: Ben Julie
2nd: Brennan Turner

Ladies' Championship
1st: Shelley Bauer
2nd: Becky Pipes
3rd: Lisa Morabito

Ladies' B Flight
1st: Esther Kulakowsky
2nd: Andrea Roy

Ladies' Senior
1st: Rita Lee
2nd: Carolan Clague
3rd: Donna Larsen

Ladies' Super Senior
1st: Jackie Barrett
2nd: Heather Buchanan

Junior Girls U15
1st: Mya Mackey

Junior Girls U13
1st: Casey Kenney

Sawmill Member 666 Tournament

Monday July 16th

Top Teams:


1st: Carmella and Mario Novello 83
2nd: Brian and Kathryn Leitch 84


1st: Bob Cranfield and Rick Kozarichuk 72
2nd: Don Conway and Sig Okraszewski 72
3rd: Ron Wiens and Ray Sampson 73


1st: Sandy MacDavid and Tillie Lopinski
2nd: Denise Carter and Shirley Chiki

Course Contests

Closest to Pin #14: Jorden Jensen
Closest to Pin #17 Trevor Knight
Closest to Line #5 Steve Kopas
Closest to Post #7 Greg Gregory

Sawmill's Drive, Chip & Putt Championship

Saturday, May 26th


Junior Girls: Casey Kenney 44 points
Junior Boys: John Kingdon 86 points

Ladies: Shelley Bauer 72 points
Men: Rich Meeboer 130 points


42nd Annual Get-Acquainted Tournament Results

Saturday, April 28th

Rained Out after 9 holes!

Course Contests
Closest to the Post #7 - Ron Wiens
Closest to the Post #13 - Brad Minor
Closest to the Pin #14 - Donna Larsen
Closest to the Pin #17 - Doug Lupish

Thanks for a great day... depsite the weather!

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