Tournament Results

Club Championships 2018

Men's Championship
1st: Dylan Patus
2nd: Bryan Bieksa
3rd: Kyle Smith

Men's A Flight
1st: Ben Minor
2nd: Brad Minor
3rd: Bill Robinson

Men's B Flight
1st: Phil Mallory
2nd: Randy Hicks
3rd: Peter VanBeurden 

Men's C Flight
1st: Reg Owen 
T2nd: Rick Roy
T2nd: Marc Lupish

1st: Lawrance Hutchison
2nd: Kerry McRoberts
3rd: George Smith

Super Senior
1st: Adrian Buis
2nd; Errol Johnson
3rd: Don Conway / John Furnival

Super Super Senior
1st: Hank Saito
2nd: Ray Sampson

Junior Boys U19
1st: Alex McGee

Junior Boys U17
1st: Toby Jeffries
2nd: Alex Nurmi

Junior Boys U15
1st: Colin Grosvenor
2nd: Nathan Freure

Junior Boys U13
1st: John Kingdon
2nd: Carter Grosvenor

Junior Boys U11
1st: Ben Julie
2nd: Brennan Turner

Ladies' Championship
1st: Shelley Bauer
2nd: Becky Pipes
3rd: Lisa Morabito

Ladies' B Flight
1st: Esther Kulakowsky
2nd: Andrea Roy

Ladies' Senior
1st: Rita Lee
2nd: Carolan Clague
3rd: Donna Larsen

Ladies' Super Senior
1st: Jackie Barrett
2nd: Heather Buchanan

Junior Girls U15
1st: Mya Mackey

Junior Girls U13
1st: Casey Kenney


Sawmill Member 666 Tournament

Monday July 16th

Top Teams:


1st: Carmella and Mario Novello 83
2nd: Brian and Kathryn Leitch 84


1st: Bob Cranfield and Rick Kozarichuk 72
2nd: Don Conway and Sig Okraszewski 72
3rd: Ron Wiens and Ray Sampson 73


1st: Sandy MacDavid and Tillie Lopinski
2nd: Denise Carter and Shirley Chiki

Course Contests

Closest to Pin #14: Jorden Jensen
Closest to Pin #17 Trevor Knight
Closest to Line #5 Steve Kopas
Closest to Post #7 Greg Gregory

Sawmill's Drive, Chip & Putt Championship

Saturday, May 26th


Junior Girls: Casey Kenney 44 points
Junior Boys: John Kingdon 86 points

Ladies: Shelley Bauer 72 points
Men: Rich Meeboer 130 points


42nd Annual Get-Acquainted Tournament Results

Saturday, April 28th

Rained Out after 9 holes!

Course Contests
Closest to the Post #7 - Ron Wiens
Closest to the Post #13 - Brad Minor
Closest to the Pin #14 - Donna Larsen
Closest to the Pin #17 - Doug Lupish

Thanks for a great day... depsite the weather!

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