Tournament Results

2019 Superintendent's Revenge

Saturday, October 26

Open Flight
1st: Ross McBride, Corey Boudreau, Josh Juhlke, Sean Bilyard 67
2nd: Kerry McRoberts, Ron Wiens, Brian Matuch, Jack Allan 69

Couples Flight
1st: Rich & Marion meeboer, Steve & Connie Parker 72
2nd: Jim & Leslie Sawatzky, Josh Stone, Andrea Sawatzky, Vic Siebert 76

Senior Men's Flight
1st: Robin Lowden, Steve Kopas, Val Sirianni, Errol Johnson 69
2nd: Peter VanBeurden, Walt Kulakowsky, Phil Mallory, Chuck Knight 71


Club Championships

2019 Club Championship Results


Men's Ryder Cup

Monday, July 22


Brian Barrett / Al Kurys All Sqaure vs Brian Leitch / Bob Cranfield  
Randy Hicks / Brian Matuch defeated Jim Jolly / Andrew Sweeney 2 & 1
Miles Furnival / Gregg Gregory defeated Dan Johns / George Smith 2 up
Fred Stuchberry / John Moss defeated Rex Holden / Bill VanLeeuwen 6 & 5
Val Sirianni / Obie O'Brien defeated Tony Kelly / Joe DeFreitas 3 & 2
Kyle Smith / Brad Minor defeated Wynn Elllis / Neil McCormick 3 & 2B
Bryan Eardley / Burt Rose defeated Mark Sexton / Bill Henry 2 up
Robin Lowden / Don Garriock  defeated Rich Meeeboer / Larry Street 2 & 1


Yvan Masse defeated John Lott 5 & 4
Grant Loney defeated Ross McBride 7 & 6
Bill Jarvie defeated Warren Smith 5 & 4
Don Conway defeated Dave Nicol 6 & 5

Team Results:

Team Canada defeats Team World 71/2 - 4 1/2


43rd Member's Get-Acquainted Tournament

Saturday, April 27

Top Teams in Scramble

Men 1st: Kerry McRoberts, Kyle Smith, Brian Matuch, Randy Hicks 56
Men 2nd: Cam Zeppa, Nick Lupish, Marc Lupish, Jessica Dugandzic  58

Seniors 1st: Don Conway, henk Don, Rex Holden, George Smith 59
Seniors 2nd: Dave Nicol, Ken Pipes, Reg Owen, Jerry Laufman 61

Couples 1st: Jack Cunningham, Jim Jolly, Paddy Chant, Rich & Marion Meeboer 61
Couples 2nd: Brian & Tristan Stringer, Jeff & Morgan Betley 63

Course Contests

Closest to the Pin: Ladies #14 & #17 Donna Larsen
Closest to the Pin: Men #3 Gary Todd, #14 Frank Falconer
Closest to the Post: #7 Dan Parent, #13 David O'Neill

March 2019 Member Party

So You Think You Can Putt! 

Congratulations to John Kingdon for wining the putting competition!

Thank you to everyone for attending and supporting our 'Golf in Schools' program.  There will be many happy school kids coming to Sawmill to learn the great game of golf, thanks to your generosity!


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