Sawmill Junior Golf Foundation

Sawmill Junior Golf Foundation’s mission is to inspire and provide golf opportunities to boys and girls of all abilities in Niagara.

To become a significant contributor to the kids in our community where our members live, work and play.

The Sawmill Junior Golf Foundation's mandate is to raise funds that can be used for golf initiatives including: 

1) Sawmill Kids Try Golf Days - free 1 hour lessons for kids to give golf a try
Sawmill's Golf In Schools Program - introduce the game to kids in local elementary schools 
Sawmill Tournament Entry Program - provide funding for entries/expenses to Provincial or Canadian Championships (Peewee, Bantam, Junior) for Sawmill Performance Team members
4) Sawmill's Birdie Program - provide funds for qualified kids in Sawmill's Junior Try Golf Program

Derek Billyard, Director
Stephen Gray, Director
Carrie Julie, Sawmill Golf Course

Mark Sexton, Director
Volunteer Director #4 - TBD

Funds in 2020 & 2021 will come from the following sources:
1) Events - 2021 Sawmill Golf Festival (details TBA)
2) Individual Giving (7% membership credit and/or donations)
3) Corporate Support (Donations from local businesses)

2020-21 MEMBER DONOURS (from the COVID-19 Credit Program)
Mark & Suzie Sexton
Robin & Sue Roberts

Stephen Gray
Joerg & Marianne Berger
Stephen Purton
Fred Stutchberry
Yvan & Mary Jane Masse
Steve Kopas
Dave Johnson & Karen Vine
Stuart & Carolan Clague
Pennie Kozack
Wynn Ellis
Joseph Zupanic
Brian & Tristan Stringer 
Phil Bonanno
Warren Smith
Bill Snee
Trevor Johns
Bill Robinson
Bryan Eardley
Mario & Carm Novello
Tony Kelly
Matt Tulk
Bill Henry
Dianne & Lou Parnall
Mike & Priscilla Scott
Scott & Ellen Irving
Dave Ferguson
Hank Bauer
Bill Paul
David & Rita Lee
Keith & Sue Vowles
Errol Johnson
John Devries
Fred Nishimura
Don & Jill Davidson
Don Duncan
Mike Arghittu
Brian Matuch
Linda Wehrli
Randy Hicks
John & Marilyn Dixon
Casey Kenney
John Fitzgerald
Steve & Sarah Djerfi
Harry Mierau
Sharon Meikle
Nate Freure
Jeremy Olsson 
Sean Billyard
Bob Cranfield
Ajith Perera
Cathie Comerton
Neil & Roberta Blackie
Rick Kozarichuk
Bob & Shelley Bauer
Nick LaBrash
Graeme MacDonald
Jan Kulakowsky
Derek Billyard
Alan & Joanne Kam
Caleb Durksen
Andrea & Rick Roy
John & Anne Moss
Mike Roberts
Aiden Longley
Peter Whitehead
Brian Walker
Brandon Meyer
Stehen Anderson & Heather Buchanan
Tom & Maureen Baillie
Vince Belardi
Will Burleigh
Leighton Wurm
Sierra Kowalyshyn
Jack Abrahamse
Dan Basset
Gary & Karen Bruce
Jim Jolly & Paddy Chant
Bruce Cooper
John & Bev Course
Glenn Gohm
Gord Williams & Mae Belle Holland
Barry Ireland
Sean Lingard & Denise Irwin
John Kingdon
Moira Lee
Kathryn Tracey-Leitch
Marcus Lupish
Nick Lupish
Rick Mason
Antonietta Nardulli
Joe Oresar
Brian Prudhomme
Peter Rapin
Vic Siebert
Jack Taylor
Peter VanBeurden
Roger & Dorothy Williams
Mike Woodhouse
Steve & Connie Parker
Carolyn May
Joel Giornofelice
Trent Clarke
Jeff Mayberry

~Thank you to all current and future donors for giving the gift of golf to our future leaders~


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