Course Rating & Slope Rating

Men                                           Ladies
Black 71.8 / 128                       White 75.0 / 133
Blue 70.0 / 123                         Green 70.9 / 125
White 68.9 / 120
​Green 65.6 / 116

Tee it Forward

By choosing to play from the correct tees based on your driver distance and ability, you will have more fun on the course and enjoy your overall golf experience.  Tee it Forward encourages all golfers to play the course at a length based on their driving distance.  This gives everyone the opportunity to play a championship course while maintaining the same established par.  Golfers will also speed up play which provides enjoyment to all golfers on the course.

What tee blocks should you play from?

 Driver Carry Distance   18 Hole Yardage
             100                             3054  
             140                             4136
             180                             5210 
             220                             6286  
             260                             7400

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