Course Tour

Hole #1
Par 4 Black: 436 yardsBlue: 428 yardsWhite: 416 yardsRed: 343 yards
The first hole requires a long and accurate to avoid fairway bunkers. Most players will have a lengthy second shot to a well-guarded green. Par is always a good score here!
Hole #2
Par Five Black: 504 yardsBlue: 492 yardsWhite: 482 yardsRed: 446 yards
Hit your drive close to the water for the best opportunity to get home in two. A bunker at the crest of the hill, 100 yards from the green, guards the best angle to the green. Trouble left of the green with deep bunkers and fescue further down the hill.
Hole #3
Par Three Black: 169 yardsBlue: 164 yardsWhite: 159 yardsRed: 151 yards
Most players require a mid to short iron to reach this green, well-guarded by four bunkers. Watch the wind as the tee is sheltered.
Hole #4
Par Five Black: 544 yardsBlue: 520 yardsWhite: 510 yardsRed: 402 yards
A demanding par 5 that requires accuracy and length. Water right and out of bounds left. Your second shot must avoid the fairway bunkers to reach the plateau and set up a short approach.
Hole #5
Par Four Black: 406 yardsBlue: 386 yardsWhite: 375 yardsRed: 346 yards
Favour the right side of the fairway for the best angle to the green. Club selection is important to this slightly elevated, large and undulating green.
Hole #6
Par Four Black: 386 yardsBlue: 370 yardsWhite: 338 yardsRed: 322 yards
Ideal landing area for your drive is right of centre, allowing a clear short iron approach. Trouble awaits any errant shots around the green.
Hole #7
Par Four Black: 324 yardsBlue: 301 yardsWhite: 294 yardsRed: 268 yards
The smart play is to lay up to the 150 yard marker. This leaves you with an approach over water, through the opening between the trees. Hidden hazard behind the green.
Hole #8
Par Three Black: 222 yardsBlue: 188 yardsWhite: 184 yardsRed: 140 yards
Our toughest par 3. Take an extra club to reach this elevated green. Miss it right in the bunker or the pines and par will be hard to come by.
Hole #9
Par Four Black: 411 yardsBlue: 398 yardsWhite: 384 yardsRed: 358 yards
Your tee shot should find the narrow part of the fairway next to the three bunkers. Check pin placement before hitting to this large, well-guarded green.
Hole #10
Par Four Black: 444 yardsBlue: 423 yardsWhite: 405 yardsRed: 427 yards
A demanding par 4, uphill and into the prevailing wind. A solid drive to the ridge in the fairway is needed to reach the green. Trouble awaits in the trees on the right.
Hole #11
Par Four Black: 401 yardsBlue: 350 yardsWhite: 331 yardsRed: 307 yards
Dogleg left around the creek. Aggressive players will try to cut the corner, but the conservative play is to lay back in the widest part of the fairway.
Hole #12
Par Five Black: 497 yardsBlue: 465 yardsWhite: 455 yardsRed: 327 yards
Our signature par 5 that cuts through the forest and crosses the creek twice. 180 yards to the first creek. Two well-positioned iron shots will leave a short third to the smallest, most sloping green on the course.
Hole #13
Par Four Black: 343 yardsBlue: 310 yardsWhite: 290 yardsRed: 262 yards
Water lurks on the right and bunkers guard the left. Choose a club that will find the fairway, leaving an uphill shot to a two-tiered green
Hole #14
Par Three Black: 145 yardsBlue: 130 yardsWhite: 118 yardsRed: 100 yards
Only a short iron is necessary, but club selection is critical to this shallow green. Tough to save par from the swale behind the green or the deep bunker in front.
Hole #15
Par Four Black: 342 yardsBlue: 327 yardsWhite: 311 yardsRed: 297 yards
A well placed drive left of centre leaves an open approach to the green. Avoid the trees to the right. The green slopes away and is well- guarded by bunkers in front.
Hole #16
Par Four Black: 415 yardsBlue: 388 yardsWhite: 373 yardsRed: 285 yards
Dogleg right, downhill par 4. The ideal drive to the top of the hill provides a clear view of the green. Approach shot plays shorter than the distance and don’t be long.
Hole #17
Par Three Black: 197 yardsBlue: 170 yardsWhite: 130 yardsRed: 118 yards
Any errant shots to this green will be punished severely. Aim for the middle of the green and give yourself a chance at birdie.
Hole #18
Par Four Black: 405 yardsBlue: 328 yardsWhite: 316 yardsRed: 290 yards
Long hitters will carry the creek leaving a short uphill pitch to a huge green. Those who lay up must be accurate, and they face a long second to the elevated green.

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