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2017 Tournaments

41st Annual Get-Acquainted Tournament

Saturday, April 29th - 9am shotgun

Scramble - 4 Clubs & a Putter

*Pick your own foursomes (or we'll find you a group) and then choose 4 clubs (your best ones!) to determine your strategy,

Entry Fee: $25 
*includes breakfast (8am), 18 holes, power cart, lunch & prizes!!

Entry deadline is Saturday, April 22nd.

2016 Member Tournaments Results

Superintendent's Revenge

Saturday, October 29th

Open Division
1st: Aaron Janzen, Chris Sawatsky, Mitch Sawatsky, Josh Juhlke 69
2nd: Brian Cowan, David Litt, Sean mason, Scott Klassen 70

Couples Division
1st: Keith & Lisa Large, Jack Cunningham, Jim Jolly 74
2nd: Bill & Bev Davies, Bill Bergm Gregg Gregory 74

Senior Division
1st: Rick Kozarichuk, Mike Arghittu, Nathan Hooper, Bob Cranfield 72
2nd: Henk Don, Rex Holden, Don Conway, Ron Wiens 72

Most Honest
Margaret Molloy, Linda Lanigan, Kathy Johns, Cindy Weisbrod

Member Par 3 Tournament

Monday, August 29th

1st Men - Henk Don, Rex Holden, Ron Wiens, Don Conway 46
2nd Men - Grant Loney, Nathan Morrissette, Gary Todd 47
3rd Men - Dave Mullet, Bill Berg, Peter Whitehead, Bob Cranfield 48

1st Couples - Kyle Smith, Bridget Smith, Brad Minor, Ross Smith 49
2nd Couples - Keith Vowles, Sue Vowles, Joerg Berger, Marianne Berger 52

1st Ladies - Marion Meeboer, Cindy Weisbrod, Margaret Malloy, Linda Lanigan 52

Closest to the Pin     #4 Lou Parnall
                                 #7 Brad Minor
                                 #11 Henk Don
                                 #15 Kerry McRoberts

Club Championships

Men's Open
1st: Derek Billyard 237
2nd: Bryan Bieksa 239
3rd: Aaron Janzen 241

Men's A Flight
1st: Jordan Hooper 249
2nd: Brad Minor 249
3rd: Nathan Hooper 250

Men's B Flight
1st: Steve Stafford 268
2nd: Ben Minor 273
3rd: Brian Prudhomme 281

Men's C Flight
1st: Jack Abrahamse 279
2nd: Nick Lupish 292
3rd: Danny Lemaich 293

Men's Senior
1st: Lawrance Hutchison 232
2nd: Albert Intini 249
3rd: Kerry McRoberts 253

Men's Super Senior
1st: Don Conway 164
2nd: Bob Cranfield 166
3rd: Adrian Buis 173

Junior Boys
1st: Jack Allan 162

Juvenile Boys
1st: Blake McGowan 157
2nd: Kyle Cameron 179
3rd: Brayden Thompson 213

Bantam Boys
1st: Ethan Mullins 207
2nd: Cameron Mullins 208
3rd: John Kingdon 218

Ladies Championship
1st: Donna Larsen 180
2nd: Barb Persaud 192
3rd: Brianne Whitty 215

Ladies A Flight
1st: Sally Lillico 189
2nd: Rinette Wallace 204

Ladies B Flight
1st: Maureen Hobart 219
2nd: Marion Meeboer 234

Ladies Senior
1st: Toni Lemaich 188
2nd: Giny Sunstrum 207
3rd: Sandy MacDavid 208

Ladies Super Senior
1st: Tillie Lopinski & Carol Cunningham 187

Junior Girls
1st: Hope Amos 247

Senior Member-Member Event

Monday, July 4th - 8:30am Shotgun

Format: 6-6-6

1st Men: Rick Kozarichuk + Bob Cranfield 70
2nd Men: Don Conway + Henk Don 77
3rd Men: Val Sirianni + Steve Kopas 78

1st Couples: Mike & Carol Kilmartin 81
2nd Couples: Peter VanBeurden & Giny Sunstrum 84
3rd Couples: Bill & Margaret Malloy 84

1st Ladies: Sally Lillico + Donna Larsen 80
2nd Ladies: Tillie Lopinski + Sandy MacDavid 89

Closest to the Pin #14: Robin Lowden
Closest to the Pin #17: Bill McManus
Closest to the Line #6: Bansi Oates
Closest to the Post #7 Tillie Lopinski


40th Anniversary Get-Acquainted Tournament Results

Saturday, April 30th

Format: 4 Club Scramble

Top Teams:

1st: Andy Semple, Andy Scott, Tim VanDriel, Forest Kenny (62)
2nd: Aaron Janzen, Mitch Sawatsky, Ian Montgomery, Brandon VanSoelen (63)

1st: Don Conway, Rex Holden, Henk Don, Frank Ruscio (64)
2nd: Dominic DiSato, Bob Suykens, Hank Saito, George Smith (67)

1st: Rich Meeboer, Marion Meeboer, Toni Lemaich, Danny Lemaich (67)
2nd: Lou Parnall, Dianne Parnall, Keith Vowels, Sue Vowels (70)

Closest to the Pin
#14: Jim Ugulini
#17: Warren Grover

Closest to the Post
#7: Ross Smith
#13: Shirley Junkin



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