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2017 Tournaments

Customer Appreciation Day

Saturday, October 21st SOLD OUT!!! and Sunday, October 22nd  50% SOLD OUT!!!

​10am shotgun - limited to 100 players each day. Make your own foursomes.

Eligible Golfers
​Sawmill Club or League members
​**Player's Club or **Seniors Club members
**Must have played 10 rounds and turned in your 

$4000 Prize Table - Everyone wins a prize!!!  Reverse Draw

Entry Fee
​*Includes 18 holes, power cart, buffet breakfast, dinner & prizes

2017 Tournament Results

Member Par 3 Tournament

Monday, August 28th

Top Teams:
​1st Men's - Dave Mullett, Ray Sampson, Bill Berg,Bill Molloy - 47
2nd Men's - Dan Parent, Rob Holland, Bill Barons, Danny Minello - 49

​1st Ladies - Denise Carter, Kathy Courage, Erna Blasko, Shirley Neil-Chiki - 56

​1st Couples - Don Garriock, Robin Lowden, Monika Lowden, Peter Whitehead - 48
​2nd Couples - John Oates, Bansi Oates - 49

Course Contests
Closest to the Pin #2 - Hank Bauer
Closest to the Pin #6 - Larry Street
​Closest to the Pin #12 - Dan Parent
​Closest to the Pin #16 - Monika Lowden

Pro Shop Revenge

Saturday August 19th

2nd - Ross McBride, Shayne Speakman, Larry Klassen, Scott Klassen - 66
5th- Rick Kozarichuk, Ryan Burchell, Jeff Johnstone - 70
8th- Trevor Knight, Obie O'Brien, Phil Sinardi, Rick Mason - 72
13th- Doug Lupish, Marc Lupish, Oran Ferguson, Jeff Mayberry - 74
18th- Brad Stevens, Joe Contwell, Paul McLaughlin, Ian Murdoch - 77

Course Contests
Closest to the Pin #3 - Denis Robert
Closest to the Pin #17 Trevor Knight
​Longest Drive #10 Bill VanLeeuwan
​Closest to the Post #13 Jeff Johnstone

Club Championships

Click here for the 2017 Club Championship Results

Thanks to everyone for a great event!

Canadian Open

Saturday, July 15th

1st - Gary Lindgren, Bill Tuckett, Evan Churm, Jim Maurer - 59
3rd - Peter VanBeurden, Jan Kulakowski, Phil Mallory, Rick Kozarichuk - 62
7th - Ross McBride, Shayne Speakman, Scott Klassen, Bryan Bieksa - 65
11th - Nick Bothen, Glen Lee, Alvin Silverio, Eladio Manansala - 66
16th - Al Santucci, John Appelman, Tony Appelman, Bill VanSchaik - 70

Course Contests
Closest to the Pin #3 - Mauro Minini
Closest to the Pin #17 Mike Cooke
​Longest Drive #10 Dylan Heaslip
​Closest to the Post #7 Ron Wiens

Senior Member 6-6-6 Tournament

Monday, July 17th

Top Teams:

1st Mens - Bob Cranfield & Rick Kozarichuk - 67
​2nd Mens - Steve Kopas & Val Sirianni - 74
​3rd Mens - Al Kurys & Andrew Sweeney - 74
​4th Mens - Phil Mallory & Chuck Knight - 75

​1st Ladies - Kathy Courage & Denise Carter - 86
​2nd Ladies - Sandy MacDavid & Tillie Lopinski - 87

​1st Couples - Connie & Adrian Buis - 80
​2nd Couples - Rita & David Lee - 85

Course Contests

Closest to the Pin #14 Gregg Gregory
Closest to the Pin #17 Bill Barons
​Closest to the Line #5 Phil Sinardi
​Closest to the Post #7 Bob Cranfield

Sawmill Skins Game

Sunday, June 25

#3 Gary Craig, #5 Mark Lupish, #10 Mark Lupish, #11 Frank Ruscio, #18 Grant Loney - $105 each

Course Contests
Closest to the Pin #3 Greg Zwiep
Closest to the Line #6 Tom Kyle
​Longest Drive #10 James Vanderburg
​Closest to the Post #13 Keith Johnston

Draw Prizes
Gord Arbeau, Phil Mallory, Mike Kyne

Drive, Chip & Putt Championship - Saturday, May 27th

Senior Men - Gregg Gregory
​Senior Ladies - Carolan Clague

​Men - Dylan Heaslip & Bryan Bieksa

Junior Boys - Alex Nurmi
​Bantam Boys - Ben Julie

​*Prizes can be picked up in the Pro Shop.


Get-Acquainted Tournament

Saturday, April 29th

Men's Division
1st: Grant Loney, Nathan MOrrissette, Dylan Heaslip, Eddie Kenny 63
2nd: Steve Janzen, Aaron Janzen, Josh Juhlke, Chris Sawatsky 63

Couples Division
1st: Scott & Ellen Irving, Bob & Janet Goodfellow 71
2nd: Adrian & Connie Buis, Fred Miller & Sue Mumby 71

Senior Division
1st: Don Garriock, Steve Kopas, Errol Johnson, Robin Lowden 64
2nd: Rick Kozarichuk, Mike Arghittu, David O'Neill, Bob Cranfield 67

Course Contests
Closest to the Pin: #14 Ron Dubien, #17 Trevor Knight
Closest to the Post: #7 Shayne Speakman, #13 George Lopinski

Thanks to everyone for a great day!

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