Golf Hockey Summer Camp

Sawmill's Golf-Hockey Summer Camp

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Sawmill is proud to be part of a community which actively supports the participation of our families in sports.  The Sawmill EXPERIENCE junior programs are an ideal way for kids to learn basic golf skills, develop proper swing techniques and build a solid foundation.  AND NOW…. The Sawmill EXPERIENCE has partnered with Niagara’s two hottest hockey instructors – Blair Stayzer and Matt Gillard.  Hockey and golf together for a week – can it get any better than this?


*8:45am to 9am drop off at Sawmill
*9am-11:30am Golf lessons with a PGA Golf Professional & Sawmill staff
*11:30am-12pm Lunch break
*12pm-12:20pm Bus ride to Seymour-Hannah Arena(St. Catharines)
*12:20-1pm get dressed
*1pm-3pm On ice with the amazing Blair Stayzer, Matt Gillard and OHL staff
*3-3:15pm get hockey gear off
*3:15-4pm Off ice conditioning with Blair & Matt
*4pm Pick up at Seymour-Hannah Arena (St. Catharines)


​*Kids must be born 2006 to 2009
*Kids will receive a Sawmill Golf-Hockey Camp hat (youth size) to be worn all week
​*Kids will receive 2.5 hours of golf lessons Monday-Thursday. We’ll teach fundamentals like grip, stance, posture and movement.  Kids will learn and practice short game skills (putting, chipping, and bunker shots) and spend time on the range developing or improving correct swing technique and consistent ball striking.  Kids will learn golf rules and etiquette.  We’ll have FUN while improving golf skills in a safe environment.
​*Kids will play 9 holes on Sawmill on Friday!!  There will be one Sawmill Member with every group.
​*Blair Stayzer and Matt Gillard have designed a 3 hour on and off ice program that will give your kids an edge.  During the week they will cover power skating, edge work, stick handling, and shooting.  They will use their professional coaching skills to bring your kids game to the next level.  A goalie coach (OHL) will work with the goalies to give them the training they need to make big saves.  The kids will certainly have fun with this dynamic coaching duo of Blair & Matt!!!

Cost:  $475 (HST included)


​*Registrations will be received on a first come, first serve basis.
*We will take 24 skaters and 4 goalies
*ALL registrations are non-refundable.
​*To REGISTER: Complete and scan the registration form to
E-transfer $475 to
You will receive a confirmation email upon successfully registering.


Q.  What does my child wear for the week?
*Golf: Your child must have golf or running shoes, ‘khaki’ pants/shorts, and a collared shirt.  Please put sunscreen on kids BEFORE arriving to camp each day.
*Hockey: full hockey gear including mouth guards.  Drop off equipment every morning at Sawmill and we will transport to the arena.  Take equipment home at the end of every day.
*Off Ice: sport shorts and t-shirt.  Must have running shoes.
*Kids will be given a hat on the first day of camp.  Hat is to be worn at golf, during lunch/bus ride, and at off ice to identify campers

Q.  What about snacks and lunch?
Kids MUST have a water bottle.  These will be refilled all day long to keep hydrated. 
​*We will have lunch each day in the dining room at Sawmill (air conditioned).
​*Kids are more than welcome to bring their own lunch or you can pre-purchase lunch from Sawmill (an order form will be sent out one week before camp.  You can bring order forms and payment on Day 1.  Cost will be $5 per day.
​*ALL kids need to bring a snack for a 10 minute break each morning.  Please make it something easy to eat (granola bars, fruit) as we will be on the range or practice green. 

Q.   What about golf clubs for my child?
If your child has clubs you will drop them off on Day 1 and the golf clubs will stay at Sawmill for the week (in locked club storage).
​*We will have properly sized clubs available (driver/fairway wood, irons, putter) for kids without clubs.  No charge!! We will “fit” them on Day 1 and they can use the same clubs all week.

Q.   How can we be sure our children will be safe?
Carrie Julie (GM at Sawmill) will be on site the entire day.  Parents/Guardians will be required to sign the kids in and out each day.  We will escort campers from the registration area to the practice green/range.  Lunch will be well supervised.  Carrie will ride the bus to the arena.  The hockey staff will be in the dressing room to supervise and tie skates.  Carrie will have medical forms at all times.  Horse play and bullying will be closely monitored with a zero tolerance policy. 

For more information please contact Carrie at: OR 289.213.2555

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