Advanced Golf Techniques

Advanced Golf Techniques

This program will be of interest for players with several years of playing experience and would like to improve their game in one or several areas. This is a 5 lesson series group format, one lesson per week. Each lesson is one hour in length. Players also receive individual attention.

Lesson 1 – Equipment review (how your clubs affect your performance), Swing fundamentals review grip, aim, setup for different clubs), Ball striking with irons. (understanding the impact position), Swing positions (back swing, forward swing) Bring a # 9 & 7 iron for lesson 1
Lesson 2 - Ball striking with irons continued – Your alignment procedure. Faults & cures, (topping, fat shots, directional control). Downswing sequence
Lesson 3 – Introduction to the Driver. (proper set up, alignment, fixing your slice/hook), Getting more distance, developing consistency.               
Lesson 4 – Around the greens. Pitching / Sand play. Variety of pitch shots, introducing the lob shot. Sand play, different types of shots. Distance control.
Lesson 5 – Chipping – When to chip, when to chip, set up technique. Putting techniques. Reading greens, controlling distance.


Mondays at 12:30pm - April 29, May 6, 13, 20, 27 - 3 spots left - (Bill J, Bob F, Robin R)

*Another series is scheduled to start on June 17.  Registration will begin in late May. 

Cost is $110 + HST ($124.30) 

*Make sure to indicate your prefered session (day and time) during registration (ie. Active 55+).  Registrations will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis.  *You will receive an automated confirmation email upon successfully registering.  Confirmed players will have their names (first name only) indicated above as soon as possible.  We will send out a group email several days prior to the program starting.  

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