Specialty Clinics

These Specialty Clinics are presented by Angelo Puma, PGA of Canda professional   Each session focuses on a specific part of the game.  Sessions will be conducted in a group format with Angelo providing individual coaching.   The maximum number of students is 8 per session.  The fee to join each clinic is $20 + HST.  

How to Hit the Driver - Everyone would like to hit a good tee shot because it sets up the hole for a better score.  If you slice/hook the ball or would like to get more distance, then this clinic is for you.  We'll cover the fundamentals (grip, aim, setup), proper backswing mechanics, impact position, how to become more consistent, and how to gain more distance.   We'll also ensure you're properly fit for your driver.

Iron Play Improvement - Wouldn't it be fun to hit more greens with your approach shots.  The iron play clinic explains the proper position of impact and how to achieve it.  We'll review the fundamentals (grip, aim, setup), proper swing motion, the impact position and releasing to a balanced finish position.  

PItching & Sand Play - Experienced players know that the little shots around the green are over 60% of your total score.  This clinic introduces proper pitching technique, distance control, and the lob shot.  Since every golfer will also find themsleves in a bunker at some point, we'll show you the techniques to make sand play easy.  We'll  demonstrate the proper stance, ball position, swing path, and contact points depending on the type of sand shot.   

Chipping & Putting - This clinic will focus on chipping and learning the proper technique to control your distance and trajectory.  We'll demonstrate a proper putting stroke and work on setup and alignment.  Once you develop these short game skills, you'll be on the path to lower scores!


Saturday, April 28
9am How to Hit the Driver (7 spots left)
10am Iron Play Improvement (7 spots left)

Saturday, May 12
9am Pitching & Sand Play (7 spots left)
10am Chipping & Putting (7 spots left)

Saturday, May 26
9am How to Hit the Driver (8 spots left)
10am Iron Play Improvement (8 spots left)

Saturday, June 9
9am Pitching & Sand Play (8 spots left)
10am Chipping & Putting (8 spots left)

Registration is now open - click above right!

Cost is $20 + HST ($22.60)

*Make sure to indicate your prefered session (date, time and clinic) during registration (ie. May 26 9am Driver).  Registrations will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis.  One registration required per session. *You will receive an automated confirmation email upon successfully registering.  We will also follow up by email as soon as possible to confirm your session choice. 

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